At Sportlo, we are determined to bring local youth sports communities closer together. Now, more than ever, it is important that communities around the country support each other. In our new “Parents on the Sideline” series, we will be highlighting outstanding individuals from around the country who play an important role in their local youth sports community.

Today, we would like to introduce Kat Brown from Houston, TX. Kat was encouraged to join Sportlo by her husband to connect with other local sports parents and find useful resources and we are excited to share her story with the rest of the Sportlo community.

As a mother of 2 kids who are both actively involved in youth sports, Kat finds herself spending much of her time at practices and games to support her children. Her 6-year-old daughter Kendall is a talented tennis player and gymnast and her 11-year-old son Christian is currently playing basketball and Football. He also does Track and Field, holds a red belt in Taekwondo, and already is an Instagram star with over 5000 followers. Wow!

While Kat no longer actively plays any competitive sports herself, she is a huge sports fan and enjoys all kinds of sports. Kat also studied martial arts in her adolescent years and is an enthusiastic sports photographer, especially at her kids’ sports events.

When we asked Kat what she thinks the best part of being a sports parent is, she said:

"The best part about being a sports mom is the quality time spent with the children as they create memories and relationships that will last a lifetime."

We are sure that many other sports parents would give this exact same answer. Kids will never forget their first goal, their first trophy, their teammates, and all the other great memories that they experience playing sports. Asked about the most challenging part of being a sports parent, Kat mentioned the frequent travel which is understandable with 2 very active kids who are participating in 6 different sports.

We also wanted to know from Kat why it is important to her that her kids are involved in youth sports. She explained that she sees sports as a great way for her kids to develop critical thinking skills, increase self-esteem, and help them learn relationship and team-building skills among other things.

Like many other sports parents, Kat says that she has experienced quite a few interesting situations involving other sports parents at her children's games, but she wants to encourage other parents to always try their best to remain calm (something that she is still working on herself) and have fun! And that's ultimately what it is all about, right?

Lastly, we asked her why connecting with their local youth sports community is so valuable for sports parents:

"Our children spend quite a bit of time with their teammates both during play and in their personal lives. Oftentimes, we are ridesharing, fundraising, and/or coordinating schedules so it helps tremendously when like-minded parents are able to bond with others in the youth sports community."

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